Reap the Benefits of Serotonin to Loose Body Weight in Simple Way

Serotonin, popularly known as the ‘Feel Good Hormone’ is quite beneficial for individuals who like to stay fit and slim. It’s actually a neurotransmitter produced naturally by neurons. In fact, it is derived from an amino acid, Tryptophan. The acid is mainly accumulated from the protein you get from food. The more you extract the amino acid, the greater will be the stimulating effect of Serotonin on brain neurons.

Positive features of this beneficial neurotransmitter:

  • It helps you to stay relaxed by driving away undesired stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Regulates endocrine secretion.
  • Enhances your learning and memory power.
  • Maintains body temperature.
  • It helps in keeping your mood fresh and mind focused. Fatigue, restlessness and mind blogging get easily eliminated while taking serotonin supplements.
  • Controls your heart beating rates, hence aid in wading of heart strokes.
  • Help in eliminating symptoms of autism and Down’s syndrome.
  • It even makes your skin glow. Thus, enriches your physical appearance.
  • It is good to wade off wrinkles appearing on skin due to old age. It makes free radicals disappear by producing antioxidants.

The reason behind serotonin containing supplement selling like hot cakes in fitness world is that it helps you to shed weight quickly and in easy ways. Decrease in serotonin level of body leads to obesity as you feel hungrier. Balance or increase in its quantity in body will aid in reducing the craving to induce more carbohydrates in your stomach. The biochemical process runs smoothly, and hence the need to overeat gets greatly reduced.

The facts leading to weight loss due to presence of serotonin:

In human body, serotonin is mainly present in gastrointestinal tract and blood platelets. Another major function of serotonin is to tighten blood vessels. That’s the reason why it is known as vasoconstrictor. This helps in controlling hemostasis and blood clotting.

The other main function is to stimulate gut movement and digestion. Thus, serotonin in required amount or more helps in smooth processing of food in human intestines. As it has great link with brain as soon as your appetite gets filled, the brain gets the signal, and thus help you to curb overeating.

By inducing artificial formatted serotonin in body, you feel less hungry and shed weight in simple way because it can curb appetite sensations. It is proved to be best way to shed unwanted fatty tissues of body.


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