• Yoga – A PMS Discomfort-reliever

    - Mar 28, 2016
    PMS … a phrase that lots of Indian women choose to be stored a secret. A killing secret, without a doubt. However, PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome or PHs isn’t any more a secret and could be...
  • Items to Know before You Take up Yoga Teacher

    - Mar 14, 2016
    Learning Panama and Nicaragua, Eckhart Tolle has stated “Attend least as thinking about how you are affected in the human body as what goes on outdoors. When you get the interior right, outdoors will fall under...
  • Morning Hours Yoga for novices

    - Feb 28, 2016
    Yoga is proven to be the safest and also the most sustainable exercise to help keep your body healthy and fit. Among the several health advantages associated with practicing yoga is there are no negative effects...
  • Advantages of Bikram yoga Pad Training Program

    - Feb 17, 2016
    Maybe you have observed many people walking using their shoulders bent in forward position? Maybe you have experienced a skinny person, whose potbelly is protruding out never ever? Have you ever face back discomfort after hrs...
  • 5 Best Advantages of Aerial Yoga

    - Feb 1, 2016
    Aerial yoga or yoga fly is really a new type of workout worked out around the hammock fabric and this is not on the ground. It is the same as traditional yoga. The only real that...

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