These drugs also belong to the designer drug camp. These drugs are also the main hit of the season and the young adults always ask for these medicines. This is the latest drug and is used for the chemical researches in laboratories. The information and reviews remain nonexistent for such drugs but since is a beta receptor; it can be assumed that it is taken to slow down the reuptake system of the brain. This shows that this drug is synthesized mainly to cure the mental illness and also has been used for the cure of the mental disorders. The drug was formulated initially for the help of the patients but then the after effects are so favorable that the patient start getting addicting to the drug. These side effects are immediately felt by the person and then the relief which is felt by the person makes this drug more effective. These drugs are used in variety of ways other than the constructive measures. There are certain countries which have banned its use in the medicine. The physicians who prescribed these drugs are told to make it completely sure that the patient is suffering from severe acute disease. If there is a chance that these conditions can get better with the help of any other drug then the doctor should not prescribe such medicines. These medicines can cause favorablesymptoms for the patient and there is probability that the patient will try to take these drugs more and more in quantity and hence causes problems in the future. The best way to get these drugs in these countries are through the online stores and contacts. Mdpv also has the same issues. These drugs are used more as the form of addiction more than as a form of treatment. The drugs are altered again and again with the help of the chemists and then the user makes it more adjustable for him or herself. In Europe and UK; there have been certain reports where people have tried to make their own blend with these drugs and have failedmiserably. It is however crucial that the person who is making these drugs or doing researches should make it according to the calculated values so not to create any problem within them.  There are certain ways in which the drugs are used in positive manner…These kinds of work includes the synthesis of the new drugs which are used to treat more severe disorders. However, since the other way of abusing the drug is more common than using the drug in various ways. The main target population for the market of these drugs is the teenage population of the country. Since these teenagers take this drug without knowing about the side effects; the risk of death is really common in these cases. Hence, the online buying and selling is not the bad idea but the person has to take care of all of the other problems and should be responsible for one’s own risk. However, there are certain sites which deals in the selling and buying of such things but if there compositions are being altered to make it simple and easy and less harmful to use. Hence, these drugs are commonly used in chemical laboratories.


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